Human Rights – Democracy’s Foundation and Ceiling: Kappel Declaration

Die Schweizerische Helsinki Vereinigung für Demokratie, Rechtsstaat und Menschenrechte (, präsidiert von Frau Botschafterin Marianne von Grünigen, führte vom 1. – 5. Juli 2008 in Kappel mit 45 jungen Frauen und Männern aus Serbien und der Schweiz ein Seminar “Human Rights – Democracy’s Foundation and Ceiling” durch. Gern empfehlen wir die Schlusserklärung, “Kappel Declaration”, Ihrer Aufmerksamkeit. Hier ein Auszug:

“The right to political participation in decision-making and the right to be informed was considered a pre-condition for the enjoyment of civil and political rights. The young people from Serbia and Switzerland recognised, however, that democratic institutions and processes (e.g. voting, legislation, public debate or professional media) can also diametrically oppose human rights ideals when, for example, they serve to propagate discriminatory ideas. The role of populism and ethnic nationalism as well as of myths, prejudices and stereotypes in tensions between groups in society was accordingly a topic of particular interest. On the basis of their common experience, the youth agreed that these forces must be as widely understood as possible and if necessary, be confronted in order to ensure a pluralist society based on compromise, negotiation and the rule of law.”

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