“Vorbild-Staat” Singapur im World Report 2012 von Human Rights Watch

Wolfgang Schüssel, ehemaliger österreichischer Bundeskanzler, zählt Singapur zu den “Vorbildstaaten” (“Die Grösse der Kleinen”, Kolumne in der NZZ vom 10. Oktober 2012). Sein Kriterium ist die Competitiveness. – Ein anderes Licht wirft der World Report 2012 von Human Rights Watch auf den ökonomisch erfolgreichen Stadtstaat.


“Criminal Justice System

Singapore’s Internal Security Act (ISA) and Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act permit arrest and virtually unlimited detention of suspects without charge or judicial review. As the Ministry of Home Affairs explained in September 2011, threats such as subversion, espionage, and terrorism keep ISA “relevant.” At least three suspected terrorists were detained in 2011.

The Misuse of Drugs Act permits confinement of suspected drug users in “rehabilitation” centers for up to three years without trial. Second-time offenders face prison terms and may be caned.

Singapore continued to implement mandatory death sentences for some 20 drug-related offenses in the face of repeated criticism by UN human rights bodies and experts.

Judicial caning, an inherently cruel punishment, is a mandatory additional punishment for medically fit males between 16 and 50-years-old who have been sentenced to prison for a range of crimes including drug trafficking, rape, and immigration offenses. A sentencing official may also, at his discretion, order caning in cases involving some 30 other violent and non-violent crimes. The maximum number of strokes at any one time is 24. The United States State Department reported that in 2010, “3,170 convicted persons were sentenced to judicial caning, and 98.7 percent of caning sentences were carried out.” During its HRC Universal Periodic Review (UPR), Singapore rejected all recommendations designed to eliminate caning.”


“Human Rights Defenders

Human rights defenders in Singapore risk being fined, jailed, bankrupted, and forbidden from traveling outside the country without government approval. At its UPR review, Singapore rejected the suggestion that it accept a visit by the UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders.”

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